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HKCNSA's Data Privacy Committee has officially been established to build a collective data security defense

On February 2, the Data Privacy Committee of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association(HKCNSA)successfully held its first sharing session for association members and declared the formal establishment of the committee. The Data Privacy Committee aims to enhance awareness among enterprises of the risks related to personal information protection and data compliance, especially focusing on resource-limited SMEs, helping them better understand and address the current complex challenges of data security to promote the enhancement of the industry's data security and privacy protection capabilities.

Ms. Chandy Ye, the first Director of the Data Privacy Committee, is a practising lawyer in the High Court of Hong Kong and the Mainland for more than 10 years. She has worked in top international law firms and international legal and network security teams of large multinational e-commerce and IT cloud service companies for many years, accumulating rich experience in data compliance at home and abroad. Members of the Data Privacy Committee led by Ms. Ye include compliance executives in the financial industry who have served as Hong Kong regulators for many years, data compliance executives with over 25 years of experience serving multinational companies in various industries, and data protection experts with deep expertise in Singapore's Southeast Asian market. Bringing together a wide range of expertise and practical experience, they will play an important role in driving personal data protection and corporate data compliance.


The Data Privacy Committee plans to launch a series of sharing sessions in 2024 on the pain points and difficulties facing the industry on different data compliance topics. The committee will invite industry experts to share experiences and help companies better understand and address data compliance challenges. By organizing these events, the committee expects to promote industry awareness of the importance of data security and privacy protection and drive continued progress in corporate data protection and compliance to ensure the protection and compliant use of personal data.


HKCNSA looks forward to the Data Privacy Committee giving full play to its expertise and rich experience in providing guidance to members on data security and privacy protection in its future work. Through joint efforts, we will continue to promote cooperation and exchanges between industries, promote the popularization and promotion of data compliance awareness, and make positive contributions to the construction of a digital secure and stable network environment.


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