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HKCNSA Members' Cocktail Party in March was successfully held to create a secure new future together

On March 19, the March member cocktail event of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) was successfully held, attracting many members to attend the event. Sponsored by CITIC Telecom CPC, the event provided a platform for association members to exchange and learn, discussing the latest developments in cybersecurity and promoting communication and collaboration in the field.

During the event, members actively participated in discussions, sharing their experiences and insights in the field of cybersecurity. They engaged in in-depth exchanges on the current cybersecurity landscape and discussed how to address the increasingly complex cyber threats and security challenges. Through this deep exchange, members were able to enhance their understanding and awareness of the cybersecurity field, further improving their professional skills and capabilities within the industry. In addition, through the HKCNSA's platform, members established closer working relationships with industry experts, jointly advancing the innovation and application of cybersecurity technologies.

Sponsored by CITIC Telecom CPC, a comprehensive internet-based telecommunications enterprise, providing international telecom services to global operators, offering services such as mobile international roaming, international data traffic, and international value-added telecom services. HKCNSA sincerely thanks CITIC Telecom CPC for its strong support of this event, providing members with a platform for communication and cooperation. Looking forward to continued collaboration with CITIC Telecom CPC in the future, jointly promoting progress and development in the field of cybersecurity.

In the future, HKCNSA will regularly hold various exchange activities, and strengthen cooperation with enterprises from all sectors, providing more professional knowledge and resource support for association members, jointly promoting the development and innovation of the cybersecurity field.


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