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ZDNS officially joins the HKCNSA as corporate member

On January 25, National Engineering Research Center of Internet Domain Name System (ZDNS) officially joined the Hong Kong China Network Security Association(HKCNSA) as a corporate member. ZDNS focuses on technical research and innovation in the Internet domain name service system and IP address service system to ensure the reliability and sustainability of network services. Their membership will bring abundant expertise and technical support in DNS and network security to the association.

As a core technology owner in the field of Internet infrastructure resource services, ZDNS has achieved remarkable results in international standard formulation, domestic industry standard formulation, and patent application. Their independently developed core network equipment software and hardware products include the DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) full-link solution and the leading DNS infrastructure software called Maple. This software not only supports domestic chips and operating systems but also comprehensively serves the information creation industry, solving important technical challenges in the critical Internet resource field.

After joining the association, ZDNS will participate in various activities and collaborate with other members to discuss the latest technologies in the field of network security. Through communication and cooperation with association members, ZDNS will continuously optimize and improve its products and services to enhance network security capabilities. Additionally, leveraging the association's platform, ZDNS will expand business cooperation opportunities and establish partnerships with more enterprises and organizations to jointly promote innovation and development in the network security industry.

Mr. David Ip, founding chairman of the HKCNSA, welcomes ZDNS's participation, stating, "We warmly welcome ZDNS to join the HKCNSA. ZDNS possesses rich expertise and technical strength in the fields of DNS and network security. We believe that their participation will bring more technical contributions to the association and jointly promote the development and innovation of the network security industry."

ZDNS's membership will further expand the influence of the association and promote the secure and stable development of Internet infrastructure resource services. In the future, the HKCNSA will continue to actively leverage its advantages to promote innovation and application of network security technologies, making positive contributions to the healthy development of network security.


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