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Wilson Tang analyzed network security challenges faced by HK's telecom operators

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

On December 8th, the Hong Kong and China Network Security Association held a cybersecurity seminar where Wilson Tang, the Vice President and Director of Telecommunication Network Security Committee of HKCNSA, explored the latest trends and dynamics in the field of network security and discuss the challenges faced by Hong Kong’s telecom operators.

Wilson analyzed the challenges posed by old network equipment and suggested that regular maintenance and inspection, as well as timely replacement or upgrade before the end of the equipment's life, could ensure stable operation of the equipment.


Wilson also emphasized the importance of CISOs proving the necessity of cybersecurity spending to enterprise finance. Wilson suggested that although risks cannot be completely eliminated, basic protection measures and adaptation to specific needs of different industries can reduce risks and ensure the security and stable operation of enterprises. These measures include terminal protection, attack service management, penetration testing (PT), and vulnerability assessment (VA).

Wilson also believed that the upcoming “Network Security Law” in Hong Kong will require government agencies, network operators, and critical information infrastructure operators (CIIOs) to achieve high standards of security protection. Network operators will also be required to take more action to prevent malicious access to the Internet, such as cracking down on fake websites and blocking malicious phone numbers. The implementation of this law will improve Hong Kong’s network security level, reduce the risk of network attacks, and help enterprises and users better protect their privacy and security.


Finally, Wilson pointed out that overcoming the difficulties of sharing network security information among operators requires joint efforts and cooperation from all parties. By establishing partnerships, developing unified security standards, strengthening information protection and privacy protection, and establishing information sharing platforms, operators can better share network security information and jointly respond to network security challenges.


During the discussion session of the seminar, participants actively spoke and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on network issues. Everyone agreed that network security is a global problem that requires joint efforts from the international community to address. At the same time, Hong Kong’s telecom operators need to strengthen their own security measures, improve network security protection levels, and provide users with more secure and reliable services. The future “Network Security Law” will inevitably set minimum security standards for enterprises, and participants hope that this move will improve Hong Kong’s overall network security level and benefit employees.


In the future, HKCNSA will continue to pay attention to the latest trends and dynamics in the field of network security, strengthen active cooperation with all parties, provide a platform for communication and cooperation for industry professionals, and jointly promote the development of the network security industry.


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