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The Ministry of Public Security of China has formed a Security Laws Advisory Committee

On October 10th to 11th, the Ministry of Public Security of PRC held the inaugural conference of the Advisory Committee on Security Laws and a special seminar on cyber security legislation in Beijing. The seminar focused on advancing the rule of law in the field of network security and discussed three key areas: combating cybercrime, ensuring data security and personal information protection, and regulating internet security.

During the conference, the importance of strengthening the construction of rule of law in network security was emphasized, and four specific measures were proposed. Firstly, enhancing research on network security legislation to keep abreast of domestic and international legal policies and provide recommendations for the construction of rule of law in network security. Secondly, cracking down on new types of cybercrime by conducting investigations and providing countermeasures to support the work of public security organs in preventing and combating cybercrime. Thirdly, guarding against security risks arising from new technologies and applications, and providing legal, technical, and managerial support for the secure development of the internet industry. Finally, strengthening comprehensive governance of the internet to improve the effectiveness of internet security regulation, refining mechanisms for comprehensive governance, and creating a new pattern of shared responsibility and benefits in network security.

In the future, the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) will actively participate in international cooperation and exchanges in the field of network security, work together to address emerging cyber threats, promote the development of network security technologies, and make positive contributions to safeguarding network security and promoting the rule of law in cyberspace.


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