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Strengthening Cybersecurity Bonds: HKCNSA Hosts Successful November Member Cocktail Party

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) successfully hosted its November Member Cocktail Party at the BluHouse, Rosewood Hong Kong on November 8. The event brought together numerous network security experts from various companies, agencies, and enterprises. The primary objective was to enhance communication and collaboration among members while collectively addressing challenges and opportunities in the field of network security.

HKCNSA successfully hosted its November Member Cocktail Party at the BluHouse, Rosewood

The event commenced with an opening address by Mr. David Ip, the founding chairman of HKCNSA. He warmly welcomed all attendees and provided a detailed introduction to the event’s theme, goals, and agenda. In today’s information-driven society, network security issues are increasingly critical, and this gathering aimed to strengthen connections and cooperation among members, contributing to a safer digital environment.

(From left) Mr. Wilson Tang, Vice President of HKCNSA and Director of the Telecommunication Network Security Committee of the association, Miss Christy Tang, Vice President and Secretary-General of HKCNSA, Mr. David Ip, the Founding Chairman of HKCNSA, and Mr. Joe Yip, Vice President of HKCNSA

During the event, Mr. Wilson Tang, Vice President, and Director of the Telecommunication Network Security Committee of HKCNSA, officially welcomed foreign companies to join the association. He elaborated on the process and benefits of foreign companies’ membership, emphasizing that their participation would infuse new vitality and opportunities into the association, aligning it with international standards and enhancing its influence in the network security domain.

Subsequently, Mr. Dicky Wong, Vice President, and Director of the Infrastructure Network Security Committee, explained the roles and activities of various professional committees within HKCNSA, such as Cybersecurity Police Administration Committee, Financial Technology Security Standards Committee, etc. Each committee plays a crucial role in advancing the network security industry, ensuring that the association’s work effectively serves its members and promotes industry development.

Dr. Frank Law, the Advisory Board Member of HKCNSA, emphasized the collective vision of contributing to network security. He highlighted that network security is a significant challenge faced by society today, requiring collaborative efforts from everyone to safeguard digital environments.

Another Advisory Board Member Mr. Fuller Yu underscored that the association serves not only as a platform for technical exchange and learning but also as a space for collaboration and innovation. Leveraging the advantages of being rooted in Mainland China, the association can better pool resources and drive innovation in the network security field.

Vice Chairman Mr. Wilson Tang delivered a speech to the guests

As a special touch, the event included a segment celebrating the birthdays of attending members, bringing warmth and care to the HKCNSA family, and strengthening internal cohesion.

Finally, participants engaged in in-depth discussions and shared insights on the latest technology trends, market opportunities, and security challenges in the network security domain. Through these exchanges, members gained a deeper understanding of emerging trends and the complexities of security challenges.

The November Member Cocktail Party fostered closer connections among attendees, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations. Moving forward, HKCNSA remains committed to creating more platforms for learning, exchange, and knowledge sharing, driving the vibrant growth of the network security industry.


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