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Qi'anxin Traffic Decryption Arranger wins bid for national security transformation in large bank.

Qi'anxin Traffic Decryption Arranger Winning the Bid for National Security Transformation of a Large Bank Institution

Recently, Qi'anxin won the bid for the procurement of security gateway equipment for a large banking institution's credit reporting system. The main product is the Traffic Decryption Arranger (SSLO), which is used for the financial industry's national security transformation.

The traffic decryption orchestrator can meet the needs of high-performance national security encryption and decryption and traffic orchestration, and solve customer problems. This lays the foundation for the implementation of more financial application scenarios in the future.

With the widespread application of domestic cryptographic algorithms in the financial industry, especially in recent years with the improvement of information and data concentration in the banking industry, information technology risk has become an important hidden danger for the stable operation of banks and financial institutions. Therefore, it is imperative for the financial industry to reform its national secrets. In this project, the banking institution successfully achieved integration with the People's Bank of China's credit reporting system by using the high-speed encryption and decryption capabilities of the traffic decryption orchestrator, and completed the national security transformation, meeting regulatory requirements.

Currently, the security threat of encrypted traffic is becoming increasingly severe. According to statistics, over 70% of network attacks in 2020 used encrypted traffic. ESG research also shows that over 95% of enterprises have experienced security incidents caused by encrypted traffic. Therefore, traffic orchestration has become a key technology for the next generation network boundary security protection architecture. Last year, Qi'anxin released a traffic decryption orchestrator, which integrates high-performance decryption and intelligent orchestration technology. This product can improve decryption performance by more than 10 times, achieve more comprehensive, accurate, and timely encryption traffic detection, and achieve shared plaintext among multiple devices through intelligent orchestration, effectively solving the encryption attack threats faced by customers, while meeting the needs of elastic deployment and dynamic expansion. They visited the security center exhibition hall, industrial control laboratory, judicial appraisal laboratory, network security guarantee command center and other departments of Qi'anxin, and learned about its data security capabilities, scientific research and product development.

Qi'anxin released the upgraded Traffic Decryption Arranger 2.0 at the BCS Beijing Cybersecurity Conference in 2023. This version enhances the visualization ability of traffic by adopting tunnel technologies such as GRE, VxLAN, IPSec, as well as preprocessing technologies such as deduplication, truncation, tunneling, and desensitization. This improves security and network management efficiency under a hybrid infrastructure, while reducing the total cost of ownership of customer security infrastructure.

In addition, the 2.0 version of the Traffic Decryption Choreographer also adds support for National Security SM2, SM3, and SM4. It includes functions such as national secret offloading, national secret encryption, and national secret traffic arrangement, which can effectively help various organizations such as financial institutions and other government and enterprise institutions achieve the application and implementation of national secrets.

Qi'anxin stated that the national security reform work in the financial industry is currently being extensively carried out. The customer's demand for traffic decryption orchestrators is becoming increasingly urgent. The successful implementation of this project is not only of great significance for the application of national secrets in the financial industry, but also plays an important demonstration role in similar procurement for customers in other financial industries. It is understood that Qi'anxin's traffic decryption orchestrator has been widely used in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China Electronics Group, multiple government agencies, large state-owned enterprises, and other units.

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