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Network Security Briefing (September 8 - September 21)

1、 Hong Kong Cyberport suffers from ransomware attack, and 400GB of data was leaked.

On September 8, Hong Kong Cyberport was invaded by hackers, and a large amount of data was stolen. The ransomware organization Trigona claimed to have successfully attacked Cyberport and obtained over 400GB of data. They demanded a payment of $300,000 (approximately HKD 2.35 million) to return it. The stolen data includes a large amount of personal information such as names and contact details like phone numbers and email addresses. More sensitive data such as ID numbers, dates of birth, social media accounts, academic qualifications, bank account details, and health information were also stolen. Cyberport has reported this attack to the police and the privacy regulatory agency in Hong Kong and promised to provide all appropriate assistance to affected individuals, as well as strengthen their cybersecurity facilities to increase defense capabilities.

2、Consumer Council of Hong Kong complainant information leaked

On September 21, the computer system of the Consumer Council of Hong Kong was hacked, and personal data of complainants and subscribers to "Choice" monthly magazine were leaked. It is reported that the hacker demanded a six-figure ransom. The PCPD stated that they have initiated a compliance review according to established procedures and advised the Consumer Council to notify affected individuals as soon as possible. Given the possibility of personal data leakage, the Privacy Department has urged potentially affected individuals to remain vigilant and prevent their personal data from being stolen. In response to this incident, Experts suggest that companies need to take comprehensive security testing measures and enhance employees' awareness of network security. Employees should avoid downloading or clicking on suspicious websites to establish a perfect line of defense to resist hacker intrusions.

3、CSOP 2023 Cyber Security Operation And Practices Conference

On September 19, the CSOP 2023 was held in Hong Kong under the theme of "New Threats, New Security". Representatives from the Hong Kong China Network Association including Mr. Dicky Wong, Mr. Kalvin Lam and Mr. Yin Qin attended the event. They discussed related topics with government agencies, cybersecurity companies, and network security practitioners in Hong Kong. Mr. Xue Feng,the Founder and CEO of ThreatBook , during the theme sharing that security practitioners needed to embrace new technologies and respond to new changes in order to manage the three elements of network security operation: “risk, assets, and threats”. He also emphasized the continuous exploration and application of new technologies such as big data, threat intelligence, and AI models in network security operations.

4、International Symposium On Cyber Policing

From September 13 to 15, the Hong Kong Police Force held an International Symposium On Cyber Policing. Representatives from the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) including Mr. David Ip, Dr. Frank Law, Mr. Dicky Wong, Mr. Julian Zhu, and Mr. Yin Qin, as well as the Qianxin team were invited to attend the forum. During this forum, a total of 5 keynote speeches and 3 special discussion sessions were held. Among them, Mr. Qi Xingdong, Chairman of Qianxin Group, delivered a keynote speech and shared his views and thoughts on topics such as network security police construction. At the closing ceremony of the forum, Mr. Raymond Siu, Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Force, said that the forum provided a new platform for law enforcement agencies and partners who share common beliefs, promoting network expansion and building mutual trust.

5、China Cybersecurity Week 2023

The opening ceremony of the China Cybersecurity Week 2023 was held from September 11-17 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, under the theme of "Network security is for the people and depends on the people." The main activities included a network security expo, a network security technology summit, and a series of themed days such as campus day, telecom day, and the rule of law day. Corporate Members of the HKCNSA, including Huawei, Qianxin Group, and 360 Digital Security Group, actively participated in the network security week event and contributed to promoting network security. In addition, during the Cyber ​​Security Week, the government released the "Evaluation Report on the Security Status of Cloud Computing Services of Party and Government Agencies" and the "Report on the Protection and Development of Minors on Internet Platforms" and other research results, and launched the Internet of Vehicles Security Talent Cultivation Program. Eight leading cloud companies Service providers have signed the Cloud Computing Service Security Self-Discipline Convention, etc.


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