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Huawei safely enters "Coconut City" to discuss security in the capital of thousands of islands.

HNS 2023 | Huawei Safely Enters the Capital of Thousand Islands and Talks on Security at Coconut City!
HNS 2023 | Huawei Safely Enters the Capital of Thousand Islands and Talks on Security at Coconut City!

According to Zhou Kan, CTO in the security product field of Huawei's data communication product line, as digital transformation accelerates, enterprises are facing more diverse and complex network threats. In 2022, global cyber attacks increased by 38% year-on-year.

Currently, enterprises face three major challenges in network security construction: firstly, the popularity of IoT devices makes traditional static security strategies unable to solve dynamic security access problems; Secondly, the complexity of the Internet of Things and terminal access types makes it difficult to manually and accurately identify forged and hijacked terminals; Finally, traditional border protection cannot effectively block the lateral spread of threats in a timely manner. To address these challenges, Huawei has proposed a HiSec 3.0 security solution that leverages the world's leading security technology research capabilities.

In a government scenario, a certain government unit deployed security equipment, but the park network still cannot effectively defend against unknown intrusions and digital assets are stolen. Huawei's HiSec 3.0 security solution provides a dedicated security engine, which improves security performance such as encryption, decryption, and intrusion prevention detection by three times. At the same time, it increases the detection rate from 60% for feature library detection to 96% for intelligent detection, greatly improving the effectiveness of threat detection.

In financial scenarios, there are many bank branches and complex network deployments. Huawei provides an integrated security gateway that supports LTE/PoE, which can be deployed in just 5 minutes. By uniformly managing and delivering network and security configurations, access policy configuration is completed in one go, ensuring secure access for users anytime, anywhere, and reducing operational expenses by 80%.

In traffic scenarios, a certain airport has a complex network with over 100 types of cloud, network, and end devices, generating over 1000 pieces of security data every day. Manual analysis is inefficient and cannot be processed in a timely manner. Huawei provides unified management capabilities for network and security devices, in conjunction with the cloud management system iMaster NCE, to achieve unified management of network and security devices, improving security operation and maintenance efficiency by 80%.

Huawei's HiSec security solution provides a new approach for park security construction. Through its network security linkage security capabilities, Huawei provides comprehensive security protection for the park and helps enterprise parks cope with various network threats.

Huawei also showcased the HiSec 3.0 cloud network security integrated security protection system, as well as exclusive "end network storage linkage" anti ransomware solutions and anti DDoS attack defense solutions for data centers. Huawei's AntiDDoS product is based on NP+CPU collaborative defense acceleration, with a single machine defense performance of up to 2.4Tbps. One device can block over 99% of attacks in milliseconds, ensuring the safe and stable operation of customer business.

Huawei will continue to invest and exert efforts in security root technology, jointly creating top-notch network security products and solutions, and building an active defense system for global government and enterprise security.

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