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HKCNSA Telecommunications Cyber Security Committee was formally established

On December 18, the Telecommunications Network Security Committee of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) was formally established, which promoted the stable development of the telecommunications network security industry. The committee was established to study, develop and implement telecommunications network security principles and standards to ensure the secure and stable operation of telecommunications networks.

Members of the Telecommunications Network Security Committee come from current positions in the telecommunications and communications industry, including telecommunications operators and internet companies. These industry experts have rich experience and professional knowledge in the field of telecommunications network security, providing strong technical support and professional industry knowledge to the committee.

To ensure the committee's operation is more flexible and efficient, the association will adopt an open attitude towards communication. The committee will encourage members to actively participate and freely express their opinions or hold events. As long as they are beneficial suggestions and measures for the industry, the committee will provide full support and provide a platform for members to showcase and exchange ideas.

The minutes of the committee's meetings will be published in the name of the committee to ensure transparency and openness of information. At the same time, the association will also timely reflect the industry's opinions to relevant government departments to achieve the original intention and purpose of the committee's establishment. Through communication and cooperation with government departments, it hopes to promote the formulation and improvement of telecommunications network security policies and create a better development environment for network security.

The association looks forward to the Telecommunications Network Security Committee playing a greater role in future work, continuously attracting more industry elites to participate, and becoming members of different committees. Through joint efforts, we can build a safer and more stable new pattern of network security, promoting the continuous development of telecommunications network security in China and Hong Kong.


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