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HKCNSA supported the Lapcom's Executive Seminar to explore security management strategies

On March 6, the seminar hosted by Lapcom, a corporate member of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA), was successfully held at the Alexandra Hotel. This event conducted in-depth research into cyber-attacks structures from the perspective of attackers and assessed the organization's threat exposure situation, in order to better understand the current security status and take corresponding measures. Led by the two Vice presidents of the HKCNSA, Ms. Christy Tang and Mr. Ricky Leung, with the participation of several association members, to join industry experts in gaining a deep understanding of network attackers' strategies and techniques and exploring effective security management approaches.

During the event, experts provided in-depth analysis of the latest trends in network attacks. By sharing case studies and practical experiences, they explained to participants how to identify, assess, and manage an organization's attack surface and enhance security defense capabilities through technological means. The objective was to help organizations promptly recognize potential threats and implement effective response measures to ensure comprehensive network security. Through the insights shared by the experts, attendees gained a deep understanding of the importance of threat assessment, the effectiveness of proactive security and exposure management, and key methods for managing real attack surfaces and utilizing automation technology to enhance security posture.

During the discussion session, participants actively engaged with experts in interactive exchanges, sharing their experiences and insights in the field of network security. They collectively explored solutions and improvement measures. This cybersecurity seminar provided attendees with a platform to delve into the intrinsic mechanisms and strategies of network attacks and encouraged organizations to adopt continuous threat exposure management and risk-oriented vulnerability management strategies to better protect themselves against potential threats.

In the future, HKCNSA will continue organizing industry events to facilitate exchange and cooperation, and drive the development of the cybersecurity field. Through continuous learning and sharing of best practices, we aim to collectively establish a more secure and stable network environment.


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