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HKCNSA Members' Cocktail Party in May was successfully held, jointly build network security cooperation and development

The May member cocktail party of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) was successfully held on May 14th, gathering numerous experts and scholars in the field of cybersecurity. Sponsored by ThreatBook, the event provided association members with an important opportunity for exchange, enabling them to share the latest industry trends and practical experiences, as well as gain new insights and inspiration to further enhance the capabilities and standards of cybersecurity.


Legislative Council Member (Technology and Innovation Constituency) Hon Duncan Chiu delivered a speech
Legislative Council Member (Technology and Innovation Constituency) Hon Duncan Chiu delivered a speech

During the event, Legislative Council Member (Technology and Innovation Constituency) Hon Duncan Chiu, delivered a speech on the government's cybersecurity work plan for the second half of the year. Meanwhile, members shared their perspectives and insights on the current cybersecurity landscape, collectively discussing and researching the development trends in cybersecurity. Through interactive exchanges during the event, members were able to engage in thought-provoking discussions, providing new ways of thinking to address cybersecurity challenges and establishing connections to promote the harmonious development of cybersecurity.

Sponsored by ThreatBook, a leading digital-era cybersecurity technology innovation company specializing in threat discovery and response, the association sincerely thanks ThreatBook for its strong support for this event, providing members with more resources and support, thereby enriching the event's content. Looking forward, the association anticipates continuing cooperation with ThreatBook to jointly promote the overall level of the cybersecurity industry and strengthen the response capabilities against cyberattacks and threats.

In the future, the HKCNSA will continue to organize more member exchange activities, establishing a platform for cybersecurity cooperation between China and Hong Kong, encouraging members to actively participate in cybersecurity-related activities, and collectively fostering a favorable cybersecurity environment.


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