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HKCNSA and Karin Group organize China Tech Solution Day to explore innovative technology in Greater China

On February 1st, the China Tech Solution Day, organized by Karin Group and co-hosted by the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA), was successfully held at the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong. This event aimed to explore innovative technologies and products in infrastructure and network security solutions by leading industry players in the Greater China region, while understanding the technological advancements and industry needs in the region. Led by two vice presidents of the association, Mr. Wilson Tang and Ms. Christy Tang, they attended the luncheon together with other members of the association. And engaged in discussions with industry experts on various aspects of innovative technologies and their applications in network security solutions.

During the event, companies such as Lenovo, KylinSoft, and KingBase presented their latest achievements and solutions in the field of network security, focusing on topics such as the trend of development& integration in China brands, China operating system solutions & Case Sharing, and database data migration & case sharing. Through these valuable insights, attendees gained knowledge about the latest technologies and solutions, as well as their practical applications in network security.

The luncheon provided a platform for participants to communicate and collaborate. Attendees had the opportunity to share industry experiences and insights with experts, learn about the latest achievements and solutions in network security from other companies, and gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and technological innovations through interactions with industry professionals. The event laid a foundation for future cooperation and development.

In the future, HKCNSA will continue to collaborate with various enterprises, providing members with more platforms for communication and learning, promoting the development and innovation of the network security industry, and contributing to the network security landscape in the Greater China region.


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