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HKCNSA and HPE organized an industry exchange luncheon to promote enterprise cyber resilience

On January 26, the "Cyber Resilience and Fast Recovery" industry exchange Luncheon hosted by HPE and co-organized by the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) was successfully held at the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Themed "Strengthening the Last Line of Defense for Business Continuity," the luncheon will provide valuable guidance and support to businesses by sharing how to respond and recover quickly in the area of cyber resilience strategy. Led by Mr. David Ip, founding chairman, a number of individuals, corporate members, and consultant members of the HKCNSA attended the luncheon to discuss new challenges and opportunities in the field of cyber security with industry experts.

Representatives of all members of the HKCNSA attended this luncheon
Representatives of all members of the HKCNSA attended this luncheon

During the luncheon, Mr. Jason Yang, Senior Solution Architect at HPE, shared insights on the current trends and challenges in the cybersecurity market. He emphasized the severity of ransomware threats based on recent incidents and highlighted the need for effective countermeasures. To address these challenges, he recommended that companies adopt the best practices of network security, such as the Cyber Recovery Pyramid, tailored to their specific situations. Additionally, he introduced the Cyber Security Vault blueprint, which meets the highest standards of network security by providing a mirror image of the network up to 5 seconds prior, using full video recording and an air gap isolation concept to effectively counter threats like ransomware.

During the panel discussion, participants delved deeper into the topic of " Cyber Resiliency and Fast Recovery.” Mr. David Ip, founding chairman of the HKCNSA, emphasized that training is key to enhancing cybersecurity within organizations. Training ensures that security personnel have a deep understanding of the latest products, technologies, and trends to better respond to cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, Mr. Eric Chan, a representative of the association's individual members, highlighted the importance of employees' mindset, emphasizing the need for a proactive and continuous learning mindset to swiftly and flexibly defend against network security threats.

Through the exchanges and sharing at the luncheon, participants unanimously recognized the crucial importance of teamwork and communication across departments in organizations to enhance cybersecurity. From the perspective of CISO to IS and IT, legal, and financial departments, close collaboration helps improve awareness of network security standards and regulations and better safeguard enterprise networks.

This industry exchange luncheon not only raised the cybersecurity awareness of the participants but also provided a clearer understanding of how to better protect enterprise networks. In the future, HKCNSA will continue to promote industry exchanges and cooperation, jointly addressing network security challenges, and providing more comprehensive and effective security solutions to businesses.


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