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Congratulations to Qianxin Group for successfully signing an overseas major cybersecurity project

On October 9th, Qianxin Group, Corporate member of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA), made an important announcement declaring the successful signing of a contract with a foreign government for the construction of a cybersecurity command system. This project represents the largest endeavor in overseas cybersecurity deployment. With a contract value close to 300 million yuan, a total of 23 domestic and international firms participated in the bidding process.

In this project, Qianxin Group did not provide just a single cybersecurity product, but rather a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products, offering a holistic solution that encompasses the entire cybersecurity capabilities and services for the foreign government. This project will serve as a benchmark for "Belt and Road" countries, further promote the Chinese network security industry onto the global stage and injecting new momentum into its development.

HKCNSA congratulates Qianxin Group on successfully securing the largest overseas cybersecurity project, making significant contributions to the internationalization of the Chinese cybersecurity industry. In the future, the association will continue to serve as a bridge and link, fostering exchanges and cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, and jointly promoting the comprehensive development of the Chinese cybersecurity industry.


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