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Congratulations to 360 Group on receiving five international certifications from Gartner

On October 17th, according to the Gartner’s report "Hype Cycle for Security in China, 2023", 360 Digital Security Group, Corporate member of Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA), was recognized as a benchmark vendor in five areas. These areas include Breach and Attack Simulation, CPS Security in China, Attack Surface Management, Situational Awareness, and Attack and Defense Teaming.

Firstly, the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology helps organizations understand their security vulnerabilities and test their security posture and capabilities through automated and continuous simulation of threat vectors. 360 BAS products cover testing clients' security systems with comprehensive automated assessment mechanisms, providing improvement suggestions to help clients continuously enhance their security protection level and operational capabilities.

Secondly, CPS Security in China enable the interconnection between the digital and physical world and support the infrastructure of smart cities. 360 assists the countries and cities to build digital security infrastructure and provides digital security operation services with "seeing + disposing" as the core, ensuring the development of digital industries and the digital economy.

Thirdly, Attack Surface Management involves the discovery, tracking, and management of organizational assets to help enterprises address the risks exploited by internal and external attackers. 360 covers External Attack Surface Management (EASM) and Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM), and has launched a series of attack surface management products to assist government and enterprise clients in monitoring and assessing attack surface risks.

Fourthly, Situational Awareness collects data on assets, traffic, logs, vulnerabilities, user behavior, and threats, analyzes and predicts the future development trends of an organization's security system. Based on the next-generation of XDR technology architecture,360 builds a local security brain for platform-level products, which provides intelligent analysis, early warning, evaluation and other security operation systems, and comprehensively improves the customer's active defense efficiency.

Lastly, Attack and Defense Teaming through regular offensive and defensive confrontation to verify the organization's security situation and emergency response capabilities, improve the level of network security defense. 360 uses a strong white-hat team and many years of practical experience in attack and defense to provide red and blue confrontation drills, test the customer's security defense system, and comprehensively improve the customer's threat handling and response efficiency.

HKCNSA sincerely congratulates 360 on receiving five international certifications from Gartner and making positive contributions to building a secure digital world. Moving forward, the association will continue to promote innovation and development in the field of network security, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with domestic and international industries, facilitate the exchange and sharing of network security technologies, and work together to address network security challenges and threats.


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