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Organization Chart

Association Structure


Introduction to the Functions of Each Department of the Committee

Administration Department

Responsible for the administrative affairs and office management of the association, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Responsibilities include managing administrative processes and procedures, handling daily office tasks such as document processing, mail handling, and meeting arrangements, managing office facilities and equipment, assisting with human resources affairs including recruitment, compensation, and benefits, as well as assisting in budget and financial management.

Event Planning and Development Department

Responsible for event planning and development of the association, increasing its influence and promotional effectiveness. Responsibilities include planning and organizing association events such as seminars, lectures, and training courses, collaborating with partners to organize joint activities, promoting the association's brand and image, and monitoring the effectiveness and feedback of events.

Finance and Audit Department

Responsible for the financial management and reporting of the association, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and accounting standards. Responsibilities include overseeing and implementing the association's budget and financial plans, liaising with tax authorities for tax-related matters, and conducting audits to ensure the accuracy and compliance of financial statements.

Membership Affairs Department

Responsible for the recruitment, management, and service of association members, ensuring their needs are met. Responsibilities include recruiting new members, processing membership applications and procedures, managing member data and membership status, organizing member activities and meetings, responding to member inquiries and needs, and maintaining good communication and relationships with members.


Social Service Department

Responsible for the association's social service programs and activities, dedicated to giving back to society and providing social welfare. Responsibilities include developing social service plans and projects, collaborating with relevant institutions and organizations, organizing social service activities such as charity fundraising and volunteer events, assisting association members in participating in community service, and evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of social service.

Professional Affairs Department

Responsible for the professional affairs and development of the association. Responsibilities include overseeing and promoting the professional development and capacity building of association members, organizing and planning professional training, seminars, research projects, and other activities in collaboration with the Event Planning and Development Department, collaborating with relevant institutions or organizations to promote the development of professional standards and best practices, and providing professional guidance and advice to help association members solve professional problems.

Institutional Communication Department

Responsible for internal and external communication of the association, promoting communication and understanding between the association and stakeholders. Responsibilities include formulating and implementing communication strategies and plans, managing the association's website and social media platforms, writing and editing press releases, promotional materials, and internal communications, building good relationships with the media and the public, and organizing publicity and public relations activities for the association.

Legal Affairs Department

Responsible for overseeing and managing the association's legal affairs, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Responsibilities include providing legal advice and opinions to support the association's daily operations and decision-making, drafting and reviewing legal documents, contracts, and agreements for the association, and supervising and handling legal disputes or litigations involving association members, partners, or external organizations.

Digital Medial Department

Responsible for digital media platform news release, to disseminate the latest information of the association and network security knowledge and skills to the public, in order to enhance network security awareness and self-protection ability. Job description: Produce and publish information, knowledge and technology related to network security, report and disseminate information about online and offline activities of the association, such as network security lectures, seminars, etc., and jointly promote network security awareness and best practices.

Introduction to the Functions of Each Department of Professional Affairs

Critical Infrastructure Committee

Responsible for organizing regular communication channel for our Critical Infrastructure members to facilitate the adoption of 2025 Cybersecurity Law.

Talent Development and Education Committee

Responsible for cultivating network security talents, promoting academic research, and promoting academic exchanges and cooperation in network security.

Cybercrime Committee

The Committee will run regular
campaigns to promote all Cybercrime related content, through working closely with HKPF CSTCB.

Cybersecurity Evaluation Committee

Responsible for testing, evaluating and auditing manufacturers' network security equipment and solutions to ensure the security and stability of network systems.

Financial Services Cybersecurity Committee

Responsible for researching, formulating and implementing financial technology security standards and specifications to ensure the safe and stable operation of financial technology.

Internet Content Security Committee

Responsible for monitoring, preventing and responding to sensitive content on the Internet, and maintaining the order and security of cyberspace.

Cybersecurity Standards Committee

Responsible for promoting network security standards, regulating network security behaviors,reducing risks such as network attacks and data leaks, ensure the stable operation of network security.

Data Privacy Committee

Responsible for overseeing and
promoting the privacy protection of network security, providing
comprehensive network security for the members of the Association through supervision and cooperation.

China Affair Committee

Responsible for supervising and managing China's domestic cyberspace, organizing and implementing cybersecurity measures to maintain network security.

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