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Introduction to HKCNSA

Association Introduction


The Hong Kong China Network Security Association is dedicated to establishing a platform for cybersecurity exchange that connects Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The association was founded by a group of experienced cybersecurity experts and entrepreneurs. The purpose of the association is to actively promote the establishment of cybersecurity industry standards and regulations in Hong Kong, assist Hong Kong (and Macau) cybersecurity companies in adapting to the cybersecurity policy development requirements of Mainland China, and create opportunities for cooperation and exchange.

Association Vision

Cybersecurity has emerged as a hot industry in recent years. It has garnered significant attention from the government, corporations, and related institutions, offering a broad development prospect.

In light of the current influx of domestic and international enterprises and organizations eager to enter the Chinese market to conduct internet-related business, the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) was established in response to societal and industry demands. This initiative aligns with the national “14th Five-Year Plan,” supporting Hong Kong and Macau’s better integration into the country’s overall development strategy. HKCNSA provides a professional information exchange platform for Hong Kong, Macau, and global cybersecurity brands to adapt to mainland China’s security standards. Concurrently, it offers market and compliance support for domestic cybersecurity manufacturers looking to establish a presence in the Hong Kong market.


Association Mission


  • Advocate for the establishment of a recognition mechanism by the Hong Kong government and industry for Hong Kong and overseas cybersecurity companies, providing an objective understanding of China’s cybersecurity standards.


  • Promote, support, and encourage high-quality domestic cybersecurity enterprises to come to Hong Kong for cooperative exchanges.


  • Share cybersecurity policies, regulations, and trends from mainland China, offering information, training, and experience standards for practitioners.


  • Organize activities for the interests and benefits of members.

HKCNSA targets specific objectives to overcome challenges


Proposing stantards

Proposing industry standards and admission mechanisms, and assist businesses in complying with regulations


Cultivating talents

Cultivate cybersecurity talent through courses in schools and cybersecurity knowledge competitions


Hosting conferences

Organize cybersecurity exchange meetings and seminars to promote knowledge sharing and policy discussions


International exchanges

Enable China and HK/Macau cybersecurity companies to benefit from each other through international exchanges


Overseas cooperations

Cooperate with overseas cybersecurity industries for resource allocation and mutual value enhancement


Industry development

Promote cybersecurity industry development and open opportunities in the Mainland market

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