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Chairman’s message

Dear members and industry experts,

The "China Internet Development Report (2023)" highlights that the scale of China's cybersecurity industry reached 200 billion RMB in 2022, with an annual growth rate exceeding 15%. By 2025, the size of China's cybersecurity market is expected to reach nearly 300 billion RMB. The cybersecurity industry in China is witnessing strong growth momentum and enormous market potential. Simultaneously, with the rapid development of digitization, networking, and information technology, cybersecurity issues are becoming increasingly globalized, complex, and diversified, presenting both challenges and opportunities to the cybersecurity industry.

In light of the rapid development of the internet and information technology, the demand for cybersecurity has become increasingly prominent. In order to uphold national security and social stability, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China has enacted and implemented the "National Security Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China." This law, effective from 2023, includes provisions in Article 43 that explicitly outline the authority and means of the Hong Kong Police Force in handling crimes endangering national security. These measures include requesting information publishers or relevant service providers to remove information or provide assistance, as well as conducting interception and covert surveillance on individuals reasonably suspected of committing crimes endangering national security. The implementation of these provisions will further enhance cybersecurity management in Hong Kong and bring new opportunities and challenges to the local cybersecurity industry.

It is essential for cybersecurity enterprises in Hong Kong to have a deep understanding of the "National Security Law" and its specific impact on the cybersecurity industry. As an industry organization, the Hong Kong China Network Security Association will undertake the important responsibility of promoting the lawful use of information technology and advocating operations based on China's national security interests. We are committed to formulating industry standards for cybersecurity, providing professional guidance and support to enterprises, and ensuring that our members comply with the new regulatory requirements.

The vision of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association is to establish a cybersecurity platform connecting mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau while promoting the industry's development. We will provide members with more cooperation opportunities and platforms to facilitate industry growth. Through communication, collaboration, and sharing of industry experiences, we aim to enhance the industry's image, competitiveness, and development while fostering talent cultivation.

In the internet age, cybersecurity is crucial for national security, social stability, and the development of various industries. The Hong Kong China Network Security Association will actively promote the industry's development and undertake the responsibility to promote social, economic stability, and prosperity. We will cooperate with government departments to promote the formulation and implementation of cybersecurity laws and industry standards, creating a favorable environment for industry development.

Our members consist of cybersecurity companies and experienced professionals from the mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau regions, covering various fields. They possess rich experience and technical capabilities. Through our platform, these enterprises can collaborate, share best practices, and enhance business and innovation capabilities.

Moving forward, the Hong Kong China Network Security Association will continue its efforts to provide more cooperation opportunities and promote industry development and exchange among our members. We will organize industry forums, training programs, seminars, and other activities to provide information, resources, and opportunities to our members. Additionally, we will collaborate with relevant institutions to promote the improvement and innovation of the cybersecurity industry chain, contributing to the long-term development of the industry.

Lastly, I cordially invite all enterprises and experts who are concerned about cybersecurity to join the Hong Kong China Network Security Association. Let us work together to build a secure and trustworthy cyberspace and contribute to the nation's development and social progress.

David Ip

Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association​

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