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Vice President Dicky Wong interviewed by CSO, talks about the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity in 2024

On February 8, 2024, Dicky Wong, Vice President of HKCNSA, was invited to participate in an interview by CSO, along with other cybersecurity leaders from the Asia-Pacific region, to share their predictions and expectations for cybersecurity in 2024. Wong pointed out in the interview that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a huge catalyst for the development of the cybersecurity industry, while also being one of its threats.

Wong said that AI would be a huge catalyst to the development of the cybersecurity industry while concurrently posing as a threat against it. Hackers can leverage AI to automate complicated cyber-attacks and to create advanced malware programmes that can self-learn and bypass traditional security detection tools, making it more difficult to detect and remove.


Wong also mentioned that AI could also be used to automate the process of finding vulnerabilities in systems and networks, allowing more efficient and effective attack launches. To shield against such attacks, the cybersecurity community must take a proactive approach to develop AI-driven solutions that are at par in their detection and protection capabilities.


The HKCNSA will continue to pay attention to the latest developments and trends in cybersecurity, and provide professional cybersecurity-related information and support to its members and society.




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