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The 2023 "Panshi Operation" Cybersecurity Practical Attack and Defense Activity Successfully Held.

The 2023 "Panshi Operation" Cybersecurity Practical Attack and Defense Activity Successfully Held
The 2023 "Panshi Operation" Cybersecurity Practical Attack and Defense Activity Successfully Held

From July 17th to 26th, 2023, the "Panshi Operation" Shanghai Industrial and Information Technology Cybersecurity Practical Attack and Defense Activity was successfully held on Changxing Island, Shanghai.

Zhuang Mudi stated in his speech that with the deepening of digital transformation, cyberspace has become a new battlefield for national security games. We should comprehensively promote network security work and promote the establishment of China's network security system. For practical offensive and defensive activities, he proposed three expectations:

1) Improving the ability of comprehensive prevention and control through "practical testing";

2) Create an "attack and defense experimental field" to assist in the cultivation of network security talents;

3) Build a "People's Defense Line" and consolidate the joint efforts of cybersecurity.

Zhang Guangming pointed out in his speech that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a major deployment to promote the modernization of the national security system and capabilities, which is the action guide for network security work in the new era. This "Panshi Action" cybersecurity practical attack and defense activity adheres to the practical orientation, with more thorough organization, wider fields, and more scientific subjects. It is of great significance for building a new model of security capability coordination between departments and cities, and risk prevention and control linkage between departments and cities, effectively addressing the city's cybersecurity risks. I hope Shanghai can play a demonstration and leading role in national cybersecurity work. At the kickoff meeting, Shi Changshu reported on the deployment of the event, Chen Changshong took the oath on behalf of the judging team, and representatives of the red and blue teams made speeches. Chen Li issued the "Panshi Star" selection and convening order, and Shen Jianping released the "Zhuwang 2023" Vehicle Internet Network Security Real Network Attack and Defense Exercise activity.

This year's "Panshi Operation" is a 10-day network security practical attack and defense activity. We have gathered over 50 top attack teams from various cybersecurity enterprises, institutions, and universities across the country, as well as 160 defense teams from Shanghai's network infrastructure, internet, vehicle networking, and industrial internet enterprises. The event is evaluated by a judging team composed of authoritative third-party institutions and well-known universities. Through this event, we aim to examine the risks of network and data security in our city, enhance our awareness of network security, and consolidate our collective efforts in network security.

In network security confrontation, offensive and defensive capabilities are crucial. Next, we will take this "Panshi Action" as an opportunity to firmly build a national cybersecurity barrier, continuously improve the industry's cybersecurity guarantee capability, improve the data security governance system, optimize the security emergency response mechanism, cultivate and explore excellent teams and talents in cybersecurity attack and defense, and provide reliable guarantees for the high-quality development of the industry.

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