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Mr. Wilson Tang, Co-Owner & CISO of HKBN has stated that proactiveness is the future of cybersecurit

On October 31st, Mr. Wilson Tang, consultant representative of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) and Co-Owner & CISO of Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), discussed the current cybersecurity issues in the digital environment and shared valuable experiences and insights in the field of information security. He emphasized that taking a proactive approach is necessary to better address the growing threats in cyberspace.

Mr. Wilson Tang, representative of the HKCNSA and Co-Owner & CISO of HKBN
Mr. Wilson Tang, representative of the HKCNSA and Co-Owner & CISO of HKBN

Firstly, understanding digital assets is the first step towards proactive cybersecurity protection. Without a clear understanding of one's digital assets, it is difficult to accurately assess the risks they face or take appropriate measures to strengthen control over them. Therefore, regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are necessary to ensure the security of data and systems.

Secondly, reducing the attack surface is crucial for risk mitigation. While completely preventing zero-day vulnerability attacks may be challenging, it is possible to reduce the exposure of potential attack points to lower the threat level. For example, if a firewall does not require VPN access, disabling that feature or service can minimize opportunities for attackers to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities. This means that even if a vulnerability exists, the system can still be protected to a certain extent.

Last but not least, regular reviews are crucial to fine-tune your processes. Through regular reviews, security risks and vulnerabilities existing in networks and systems can be timely detected, and corresponding adjustments and improvements can be made based on the inspection results to mitigate potential risks and losses.

Achieving proactive cybersecurity protection is a journey that requires continuous investment and effort. By understanding, protecting, and optimizing our systems, we can better address network threats in the digital era and safeguard our digital assets and sensitive information.

In the future, the HKCNSA will strive to promote the exchange and sharing of cybersecurity knowledge, focus on new technologies, trends, and threats in the field of cybersecurity, and work together to tackle various security challenges, creating a secure, stable, and prosperous digital world.


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