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Leagsoft Officially joins the HKCNSA as corporate member

On January 10, 2024, Leagsoft officially joined the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) as a corporate member. Leagsoft, one of the earlier network access control vendors globally, has grown into a leader in the field of Chinese enterprise endpoint security, a pioneer in China's Unified Endpoint Management, a pioneering leader in domestically-developed, self-controllable new cybersecurity infrastructure, and is among the first domestic vendors to successfully implement products based on "Zero Trust Security". Leagsoft's membership prompts cybersecurity enterprises from both Hong Kong and Mainland China to forge ahead together, jointly exploring new technologies, methodologies, and applications in cybersecurity, contributing to the enhancement of cybersecurity standards in both regions.

David Ip (second from left), founding chairman of HKCNSA, presented the corporate membership certificate to Jianyao Zhang (first from left), vice president of Leagsoft and Huikang Lai (first from right), sales director of Leagsoft

Founded in 2004, Leagsoft specializes in the enterprise-level cybersecurity market, centering on endpoint security, perimeter security, and cloud security. It provides cybersecurity products and services to government and enterprise clients, offering comprehensive security solutions encompassing network access control, endpoint security management, data leak prevention, data security transfer, software-defined perimeter, network intrusion detection, mobile security management, cloud host security management, SaaS platforms for internet security monitoring, cyberspace asset mapping, endpoint detection and response, and more. Leagsoft focuses on three core areas of confidentiality protection, ransomware (intrusion) prevention, and zero-trust across the entire network, fortifying the security defenses for government and enterprise clients' digital transformation. Currently, Leagsoft boasts over 1,000 employees, with more than 800 R&D and engineering personnel, accounting for over 80% of the total workforce.

At the presentation ceremony, David Ip, Founding Chairman of HKCNSA, expressed, "We are delighted to invite Leagsoft to join our association. We believe that through close cooperation, we can make positive contributions to enhancing cybersecurity protection capabilities in both Hong Kong and Mainland China."

With this membership, Leagsoft will actively leverage its professional strengths in the cybersecurity domain, engaging in deep exchanges and resource sharing with other member organizations to jointly tackle various cybersecurity challenges. Furthermore, the company will actively participate in HKCNSA-organized events, contributing its insights and strength to the cybersecurity cooperation between Hong Kong and Mainland China.


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