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Innovic Technology Corporation Ltd. officially joins the HKCNSA as corporate member

On January 23rd, Innovic Technology Corporation Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary China Telecom Global Limited's officially joined the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) as a corporate member. China Telecom Global specializes in research and development as well as integrated services in the field of digital information and communication technology (DICT), providing comprehensive support for customers' digital transformation. Their membership in the association brings more technical support and collaboration opportunities.

Innovic Technology Corporation Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Global Limited established in Hong Kong. They possess reliable localized operational capabilities and are dedicated to creating value for numerous large-scale Chinese enterprises and multinational corporations by assisting them in business transformation and expanding global coverage to achieve business growth. Currently, China Telecom Global's business scope encompasses intelligent cloud network services, public cloud MSP ecosystem services, overseas local hybrid cloud integration services, and solutions for industries such as government affairs, finance, internet, manufacturing, and retail.

After joining the association, China Telecom Global will work together with other members to promote innovation and development in network security, providing support and assistance for the association's activities. Furthermore, through exchanges and collaborations with the association, China Telecom Global can enhance its technical expertise and service capabilities in the field of network security, offering higher quality products and services to its customers.

Mr. David Ip, the founding chairman of the HKCNSA, warmly welcomed China Telecom Global 's joining and stated, "On behalf of the HKCNSA, I warmly welcome China Telecom Global's membership. China Telecom Global possesses rich experience and technological advantages in the fields of digital transformation and network security. We believe that through our cooperation, we can jointly establish a more secure and stable network environment."

China Telecom Global's membership will bring more professional experience to the association, contributing to the overall improvement of its technical capabilities. In the future, HKCNSA will continue to collaborate with various sectors to promote the development and application of network security technologies, providing better safeguards for digital transformation and network security.


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