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HPE officially joins the HKCNSA as corporate member

On January 26th, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) officially joined the Hong Kong China Network Security Association(HKCNSA)as a corporate member. As a global edge-to-cloud company committed to helping customers achieve business transformation, HPE's membership will bring professional technical support to the association.

As a global technology company, HPE collaborates with many businesses worldwide, providing them with customized solutions and continuous innovation to meet changing market demands. Their products and services include cloud computing, edge computing, and artificial intelligence, among others. Through advanced technology and solutions, they help customers address increasingly complex network security challenges and establish reliable, efficient, and secure digital infrastructures.

After joining the association, HPE will work with other members to share professional knowledge and accumulated experience, and actively participate in the association's activities. Additionally, HPE will continue to promote innovation, providing more advanced network security solutions to safeguard enterprise networks and data.

Mr. David Ip, founding chairman of the HKCNSA, warmly welcomed HPE's membership. He stated, "We are honored to invite HPE to join the association. As a global IT solution provider, HPE has rich technological accumulation and industry experience. Their membership will help the association expand international cooperation and exchange. We look forward to deeper cooperation with HPE to jointly promote the development of network security technology."

HPE's membership will enhance the association's international connections and increase its influence. In the future, HKCNSA will strengthen exchanges and cooperation among domestic and foreign companies, jointly promoting the continuous innovation and improvement of network security technology. 


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