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HKCNSA's Financial Service Cyber Security Committee was formally established to safeguard the security of the financial system

On March 1st, the Financial Service Cyber Security Committee of the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) was officially established, aiming to promote the stable development of cybersecurity in the financial services industry. The committee will research and discuss principles and standards regarding the cybersecurity of financial services, provide professional opinions and analysis on network security for financial institutions, and assist in enhancing their cybersecurity levels.

The committee consists of members from current financial institutions, predominantly from the banking sector. These members possess extensive practical experience and professional knowledge, enjoying excellent reputations in the field of cybersecurity in the financial industry. Through close collaboration and knowledge sharing, these industry elites will collectively work towards improving the risk management capabilities of the financial system, ensuring the continuity and stability of financial services. They are dedicated to exploring the latest security technologies and solutions to address the increasingly complex and evolving cybersecurity threats, establishing a stronger defense system for financial institutions, and jointly safeguarding the healthy operation and development of the financial system.

The Financial Service Cyber Security Committee plans to continue strengthening the protection and risk management of the financial industry's cybersecurity. It will organize regular training sessions, seminars, and invite leading cybersecurity experts and scholars to share their experiences and insights. Additionally, the committee will enhance cooperation with other cybersecurity-related organizations and institutions to jointly hold industry events. By providing a platform for members to share experiences and professional knowledge in cybersecurity, risk management, incident response, innovative technologies, etc., the committee aims to facilitate learning and exchange among its members and explore practical and feasible best practices.

With the proposed legislative framework for the obligation of key infrastructure operators' network security responsibilities, the association expects the Financial Service Cyber Security Committee, as one of the most regulated industries in Hong Kong, to strengthen communication and cooperation with government departments and regulatory authorities. This will help promote the formulation and improvement of cybersecurity policies in the financial industry and timely share industry dynamics, risk information, and regulatory requirements. By enhancing information sharing and collaborative supervision, the overall prevention capabilities of financial services cyber security can be enhanced, ensuring the stability and safety of the financial market and promoting the continuous and healthy development of cybersecurity in the financial industry between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

HKCNSA looks forward to the Financial Service Cyber Security Committee playing a leading role within the industry, closely cooperating with all parties to jointly research and address new challenges in cybersecurity. This will provide more comprehensive and efficient network security protection for financial institutions. Through collective efforts, the committee aims to enhance the cybersecurity levels of the financial services industry, establish stronger network security defenses across the entire sector, and ensure the ongoing robust operation of the financial system.


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