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ITIB publishes the Policy Statement on Facilitating Data Flow and Safeguarding Data Security in HK

On December 8th, the Innovation and Technology Bureau(ITIB)of Hong Kong released the " Policy Statement on Facilitating Data Flow and Safeguarding Data Security in Hong Kong "(Policy Statement), which outlines the government's management concepts and key strategies in both data flow and data security. The statement proposes 18 specific action plans to strengthen data security protection and infrastructure planning, with the aim of better coordinating development and security.

The Policy Statement puts forward an agenda of 18 specific action items in the following five broad categories to enhance data flow and data security, encompassing top-level design, policy formulation, legislation and guidelines, infrastructure support and cross-boundary data flow:

A. Advancing digital government and enhancing data governance

B. Formulating or updating policies, guidelines and laws

C. Enhancing cybersecurity protection

D. Bolstering the digital infrastructure

E. Promoting cross-boundary data flow

Professor Sun Dong, the Secretary for ITIB, stated that this policy statement focuses on the two key elements of data flow and data security in data governance. At the same time, the policy statement outlines the government's digital governance concepts from a macro perspective and lists specific action measures, laying the foundation for the high-quality development of innovation and technology, digital economy, and smart cities in Hong Kong.

In addition, the authorities will also strengthen digital infrastructure support, including achieving full electronic services and forms for all government licenses, related applications, and approvals by next year, as well as the comprehensive adoption of "Smart Convenience" by government services by 2025. They will also promote cross-border data flow, including simplifying and facilitating compliant arrangements for personal data of banks, credit reporting, and medical-related services from the Greater Bay Area to Hong Kong through trial measures.

In the future, the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA) will continue to actively respond to new cybersecurity challenges and threats, raise awareness of data security protection, promote the development of the cybersecurity industry, and contribute to building a more secure and reliable cybersecurity environment.


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