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Emerald I & II on 3/F The Ritz-Carlton

HKCNSA x HPE x SYNNEX 網絡安全行業分享午餐會 - 網絡彈性與快速恢復

HKCNSA x HPE x SYNNEX 網絡安全行業分享午餐會 - 網絡彈性與快速恢復
HKCNSA x HPE x SYNNEX 網絡安全行業分享午餐會 - 網絡彈性與快速恢復


2024年1月26日 11:30 – 14:00

Emerald I & II on 3/F The Ritz-Carlton, 九龙柯士甸道西1号, International Commerce Centre (ICC), 1 Austin Rd W, Kowloon, 香港





Ransomware threats and cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency, severity, and sophistication. A recent study by IDC found that 79% of those surveyed activated a disaster response, 83% experienced data corruption from an attack, and nearly 60% experienced unrecoverable data and majority of disaster recovery (DR) incidents in the previous 12 months were triggered by ransomware and malware.

In fact, we have invested substantial resource in proactively enhancing our defense-in-depth strategy in the past and present. Regrettably, there is a prevalent oversight regarding the importance of last-resort protection mechanisms and rapid recovery measures to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

From this event, we will share more insight of a new and significant paradigm shift regarding the reinforcement of the final line of defense – how to fast response and recovery in the realm of cyber resiliency strategy that you must be acknowledged in 2024.


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